HAWKES hand horn conversion with 3 crooks

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MODEL:  Class A 'Excelsior Sonorous',  converted from a piston horn                             

                 whose valves had worn out beyond affordable repair.




AGE:    1922-1925


       • Crooks for F and Eb at A 440;  also a very sharp pitch D (about A450)

       •  Crook-extension tube with receiver and tenon; this lowers the F and Eb crooks to A 430 when inserted between horn body and crook. It also lowers the D crook to A 440, and can be seen in photo #4.

       •  Silver plated horn body and F crook

       •  Unplated brass vintage French Eb crook;

            lacquered brass D crook (high pitch)

       •  The internal taper of the horn's crook receiver is compatible with               old-style Paxman crooks and Webb-Halstead crooks and/or couplers


    A good, inexpensive hand horn suitable for learning the basics of classical right hand technique.  Its French-style bell throat allows for subtle, mellow stopping as well as forceful, brazen sounds. 

 Optionally available is a high-pitch brass G crook (seen in photo #4, connected to the horn body by the adaptor lowering the pitch to 440),

  price: £50.



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HAWKES hand horn conversion with 3 crooks