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A fine baroque 'Leichamschneider' horn by John Webb and


Anthony Halstead.


 It comes with crooks for F, D, Eb and G,  playing

at a pitch of A415.   The four vent holes, closed by screw caps,

adjust (when one of them is opened) the sharpness of harmonic 11 (F)

and the flatness of harmonic 13 (A).  

 The player can choose to use these relatively modern intonation

aids, or alternatively, keep the vent holes closed, and put the right

hand in the bell only when needed, in order to preserve the clear,

bright, ringing sound of the open bell.   


A further option (not for the 'faint-hearted'!)  is to 'lip'

harmonics 11 and 13 (and sometimes, contextually, 14)

'into tune'.   I must confess that this is something that I have

never been able to do with any success; consequently, I am full of

admiration for the very few players who can!


Further small tuning adjustments of the open notes are possible, via

the sliding crook receiver.   


A John Webb hard case with crook

compartments and a detachable lid is included.


NB: this horn is currently with its owner in West Yorkshire, UK.

Contact details can be provided on request.



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