JUPITER single Bb

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  This rather lightweight horn is currently offered only in its


'full size' version.


  The current layout cannot be re-configured


to its alternative smaller size, since several of the fixing / clamping


components are missing from the outfit.


A brass engineer/technician could probably make those parts.


These include the plastic hand support, necessary


for holding and operating the 'compact' instrument.


Nevertheless, the horn plays well as a single Bb horn, and as such


is useful for a young player to use as a stepping stone to learning


the fingering of the Bb side of a compensator or a full double.



There is some evidence of repairs and ding removal.


It is fitted with a water key and an adjustable duck's foot; 


it comes with a hard case and a Jupiter mouthpiece.


NB: The horn is currently in Whitby, North Yorkshire,

 with its owner, a retired brass teacher who now

 has no need of the instrument.


    Contact details can be provided on request.





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JUPITER single Bb