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Trompe de chasse in D  by Pettex-Muffat,


Paris, 1874-1883.


Brass construction with silver mouthpipe chemise, stay and bell-stay.


The bell garland, silver on copper, designed in 1860, is richly embossed with forest scenes of the deer, boar and hare hunt, engraved with name and address of the maker, and the artist “h. farnier”.

There are two modern mouthpieces, also its rare original brass mouthpiece shaped like a boar’s head.


The 3 ½ coil trompe “d’Orléans”, named after the son of King Louis-Philippe, was developed by Périnet in about 1814.

J-M Pettex-Muffat trained under Raoux and succeeded Périnet in the 1840s.


There are 4 neat small repair patches, and a very neat ferrule below the mouthpipe. The most vulnerable area of the main tubing before the bell has had dents removed professionally; the bell itself is in perfect shape.


This visually spectacular trompe has seen use, as to be expected with a hunting instrument, but it is in very good condition and fine playing quality. Its period embossed garland is in excellent condition, though with some copper showing through the silver.


It comes in a modern black fibre and plastic case in good condition.


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