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   Although the same length as a trumpet in B flat, this lovely

little horn doesn't sound like a trumpet! 

Definitely not a 'toy', it is a very practical small sized instrument, for use e.g. on holiday, to keep the fingers and lips in shape. 

It could also be played orchestrally, in some specific places where a double, single Bb or even F alto horn might not give the required security. 

I remember about 50 years ago borrowing, from a colleague in the BBCSSO, a similar horn, but German-made, in order to 'nail' some rather terrifying notes in a Haydn 'Sturm und Drang' symphony!

  It comes in a very small case, and with a silver plated mouthpiece.


  The horn is currently with its owner in Liverpool, UK.

Contact details can be provided on request.


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