ALEXANDER 103, 1940s

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Maker: ALEXANDER, Mainz, Germany



Model: 103



Type: F/Bb or Bb/F  full double



Bell throat: Medium



Bell flare: fixed



Weight: 2.47 kg, much lighter than the modern Alexander 103.



Visual/cosmetic condition: very good indeed; there are 2 small


expertly-made patches on the main tuning slide, and a tiny ding


near the duck's foot.



Water key: conventional type, on the leadpipe.



Removable duck's foot.



Case: lightweight black 'Soundline', lockable.



Further details: a beautiful vintage Alexander 103, maybe 75-80


years old,  in very good condition.


A lovely, characterful horn with an even, ringing sound in all


registers, it presents a strange visual dilemma, in that


it is not absolutely clear whether its alloy is yellow or gold




Observers' various opinions are divided 50-50... my personal


feeling is that it is made of yellow brass but with a slightly


'coppery' appearance in certain light conditions. When its


current owner bought it, its alloy was described as gold brass.



This rather intriguing horn comes with an alternative Bb


tuning slide containing a manual rotary change valve


for A/A+.


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ALEXANDER 103, 1940s