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Model: 40L

Type: alto / descant in Bb/A+/F alto


Serial number: 1704L

Bell throat profile: L

Alloy: lacquered gold brass; hardly any lacquer wear

as such, merely a few minor scratches.

Bell flare: fixed


Weight: 2.39 kg

2 water keys: conventional type.

Visual / cosmetic / mechanical condition: superb;

its owner reports that it was fully overhauled very

recently by Rox Cox Brass Repairs, Kent.

During that overhaul, the distance from the finger

hook to the F alto change valve lever was reduced 

to slightly less than 10 cm.


Rotor compression: very good

Case: Paxman dark red fibreglass,

excellent condition, with detachable shoulder strap.


Further details: A lovely example of this ‘classic’

Paxman Model 40 horn in its pre-1985 layout,

considered by many players to be superior to

the currently available design.

This is a particularly fine example, with an

excellent free-blowing Bb side and a mellow-

sounding F-alto, with a rounder, richer sound

than is sometimes found in other instances of

this iconic model. 

  Its sound is rather like the dark red colour of

its case! 


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