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Made in GDR, the former East Germany, #88326.


Type: Single Bb/A+, fairly similar (but not identical)

to an Alexander Model 90.


Bore / Throat: medium


Alloy: yellow brass


Bell flare: fixed


Visual/cosmetic condition: fairly good all round; there is

lacquer wear in the usual places and also where

braces have been repaired. A few small dings and

knocks are merely cosmetic issues with no effect on

the horn's playing qualities. These small blemishes

are reflected in the very reasonable price.



 A fluent player over the whole range,

surprisingly light in weight (1.93 kg).


   In common with many East German-made Bb/A+ horns, its stopping 'H-piece' is slightly too long for well-tuned stopped notes. They are TOO FLAT! However, with good, tight right hand technique, the A slide without the H-piece, pulled a long way out, gives excellent stopped notes.
An interesting bonus of the over-long H-piece is
that if it is extended as far as possible, it
permits playing in Eb (with the 4th valve lever
pressed) without transposition.
Of course, because the basic key of the Bb single
horn is now that of a single Ab horn, the 3 other
valve slides need to be adjusted for intonation so
that they are extended to slightly further out.


NB: although a professional-quality horn, it is

also listed in the Intermediate category on

account of its sub-£2K price.



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