TOM FISHER Descant/alto in Bb/A+/F alto

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Maker: TOM FISHER, Derbyshire, UK

Model/type: Bb/A+/ F alto


Bell throat profile: 'M' (medium)

Alloy: yellow brass

Bell flare: fixed


3 'JoyKeys': unique, innovative self-draining water

removal keys.

Visual / cosmetic / mechanical condition: superb

Rotor compression: excellent


Weight: 2.51 kg

Paxman grey hard case; see photo

Further details: A lovely example of an innovatively designed 'alto' horn, hand made by Tom Fisher, one of the only two independent horn makers in the UK.


It plays superbly and sensitively in all registers.  The horizontal F alto rotor (similar to that on the Yamaha 881) gives a very smooth change when switching between Bb and F alto.



This horn is currently with its owner in Nantwich,

Cheshire, UK.


Contact details can be provided on request.



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TOM FISHER Descant/alto in Bb/A+/F alto