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A very fine unlacquered nickel silver full double horn, the YAMAHA


'Custom YHR-862' embodies all the virtues of a 'medium-large'


horn, plus additional security in the high register.


     The instrument, hand-made, serial number 001223, is in excellent overall condition, and has been very well maintained.


Its owner reports that it was serviced very recently by Roy

Cox Brass Repairs, Kent, UK.


The horn plays superbly, with a creamy, medium-dark

sound, and lots of ‘projection’, a quality that I remember well from personal experience: I owned, for several years, one of the first '862' horns that came into the UK in 1981, playing it in the English Chamber Orchestra. I regretted having to sell it for 'domestic reasons'!


Compared to Yamaha's factory-made instruments, which tend to encourage a 'dry legato' style, this particular model has a much more smooth and flexible personality, permitting lovely, liquid slurs.  Maybe this is because its hollow valves lack the heavier mass and 'rotating inertia' of the cheaper YHR-668II's  solid brass rotors.


     This lovely horn is very recommendable to a player

looking for a rich and full-sounding instrument with

character, accuracy and personality.


Enthusiasts of the historic German / American / Conn 8D /


Kruspe school of playing, which goes back to the time of


Anton Horner, have always praised the Yamaha


Custom 862 horn, considering it to be the finest 'Kruspe-


inspired' horn ever made.



Weight: 2.4 kg


Duck's foot


Amado/ Getzen water key



Original Yamaha case, in good condition.



NB: the horn is currently with its owner in Camberley, UK.


Contact details can be provided on request.



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