FINKE Model 68

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Maker:  FINKE,  Vlotho-Exter, Germany


Model: 68,  'AMERICUS'


Type: Full Double F/Bb or Bb/F with quick change

reversible 4th valve and multi-way adjustable thumb lever. 


Age: 4.5 years


Bell throat profile: 'W' (Wide)


Alloy: body: lacquered gold brass; gold brass detachable Finke G3 leadpipe with 2 different mouthpiece receivers for UK/American and European/Alexander shank tapers; lightweight rotors made of aerospace polycarbon; nickel silver rotor casings and tuning slide inner & outer legs.

Bell flare: detachable

Weight: 2.35 kg

Water keys: conventional type on the leadpipe and on the F horn loop.

Finger hook: adjustable

Case: 'Protec' in very good condition.


  A superb, lightweight, free-blowing horn with 'Wide' bell taper, hand made in Germany by skilled craftspersons using top quality materials and parts made in the Finke workshop; I visited Vlotho a few years ago, and saw the superb Finke workmanship for myself.

  The design and general architecture of this model is more innovative than the older Model 63 and also the more recent Model 65;  the Model 68's wide 'U-shaped' F horn tuning slide 'embraces' the main slide rather like that of the Alexander Model 200.

  Further details: for many years, Johannes Finke and Engelbert Schmid have been making (separately!) superb, high quality instruments that are lighter in weight than those of their best-known German competitor.  Finke's horns are, rather surprisingly, less well-known in the UK, but are just as excellent, innovative and easy to play as Schmid's. 

  Our current Model 68 is a really wonderful and

versatile hand-made double horn. The build quality and

craftsmanship are superb. Every pitch is exactly where

you expect it to be, the rotor action is smooth, light and

positive, and the immense potential range of tonal

shading is awesome.


 By skilful use of the right hand, straightened and inserted more deeply into the MIDDLE of the bell, a 'wide' or 'large' bell throat can temporarily be  'converted' to a Medium or Medium-Large size for greater clarity in the high register. This is a well-known and very effective technique that can usefully be applied to all 'large' horns, e.g. Holton 179/279; Conn 8D; King 'Eroica'; Paxman 'L' and 'A'; Schmid 'W' and Finke 'W' bell flares.

 A totally beautiful horn in every way.


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FINKE Model 68