YAMAHA Custom 668VN

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 A very fine unlacquered nickel silver full double horn, the YAMAHA 'Custom YHR-668VN' embodies all the virtues of a 'medium-large' horn, plus additional security in the high register.


     The instrument, serial number 001002, is in very good overall condition.

 There are just a few hardly noticeable areas with slight evidence of the expert removal of minor dings.

Nevertheless, the horn's general condition indicates that it has been well maintained.


    Regarding its actual playing, the horn is superb, with a creamy, medium-dark sound, and lots of ‘projection’.


     One of my habitual quibbles with Yamaha horns is that their rotors are so efficiently air-tight that they can be very 'unforgiving' with the fingers, requiring ultra-precise co-ordination so that the player is not 'knocked off' a pitch when slurring, even to adjacent pitches.


      However, this particular horn has a much more kindly personality (!) and allows lovely, liquid slurs.

   Maybe this is because its valves, which are hollow, lack the heavier mass and 'rotating inertia' of the cheaper YHR-668II's  solid brass rotors.


     This superb horn is very recommendable to a player looking for a reasonably priced, rich and full-sounding instrument with character, accuracy and personality.


 Its equivalent, current Yamaha model, the YHR 668N-ll, costs £5,873 new. 


Our used horn, above, costs (£2,270) less than 39% of that.


Weight: 2.41 kg


Case: original Yamaha, in good condition.


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YAMAHA Custom 668VN