PAXMAN pre-Model 40, gold brass

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Model: Paxman pre-Model 40


Type: Bb/A+/F alto



 Made in 1967



Bell throat: Medium-Large



Bell flare: detachable


 Hollow rotors, contributing to a very lightweight



 Weight: 2.3 kg



Water key: conventional type, on the leadpipe.


Visual / cosmetic: very good, its lacquer in excellent condition; there is a small brass patch on the lower bell spout, next to the screw-ring receptacle, a small nickel silver patch on the inner bell spout near the two thumb levers, and a small nickel silver patch next to the finger hook.

Rotor compression: excellent.

Case: Protec detachable bell model with clip-on mute bag.

Further details: A great example of a vintage

 Paxman pre-Model 40 with a 'Medium-Large' bell.


The detachable F extension is an added bonus, giving

1. an excellent 'open' middle G and its lower octave;

2. all the harmonics of the F horn;

3. warmer-sounding pedal notes than those of the F

alto, with the help of ingenious fingerings

and flexibility of embouchure.


This horn, with its medium-large bell, contrasts very

interestingly with the more recent

Paxman 40L:


Compared to the latter, it has a slightly more

focussed and compact sound, making it very


suitable for chamber orchestra, solo


performance or chamber music.




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PAXMAN pre-Model 40, gold brass