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 Alexander's 'Geyer' model, the 1103, is the perfect


double horn for the player wanting the 'traditional Alex


sound' from an instrument that is more free-blowing


than the 103.


This lightly-used, lacquered yellow-brass horn's overall condition can be accurately described as 'very nearly immaculate'. There is one expertly-made patch near the screw fitting, its shape blending in with the bell taper, and not visible from the 'front' of the instrument.


The horn has an attractive 'ring' to the middle and high

registers, while still having plenty of sonority lower

down the range.


It is very easy to move around flexibly on this instrument, whereas some other Alexanders (many 103s) seem to 'get stuck' in the middle register.

It is quite light in weight: 2.55kg; the comfort of the left-hand position is ensured by an adjustable finger hook and also a moveable thumb-plate on the 4th-valve linkage.


Included in the price is a very good Alexander detachable-bell case, with a magnetically sealing flare compartment and space for a mute.



This is a lovely, satisfying, versatile horn, at an attractive price: the brand-new price for this model (with similar detailed specifications, but without a case!) is currently £9,150.



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