SCHMID classical natural horn / hand horn

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with hand-hammered bell with nickel silver

'kranz' (garland) based on a 19th century hand


(1827-1876, Linz, Austria).


This wonderful horn has very recently become available

for the simple reason that its owner, the legendary 

PIP EASTOP, has decided to retire from horn playing.


The horn's very full set of crooks comprises:

FOURTEEN (14) terminal crooks: C alto (2 included: by Schmid and Webb) Bb alto x 2, one with a water key, A, G (2 coils), F, 2 x Eb (with 3 coils and 2 coils), E, 2 x D (3 coils and 2 coils), Db ( 'baroque D'), and C basso.

Also included are: a large cylindrical 'coupler' giving Bb basso in combination with the C basso crook; a smaller cylindrical coupler giving Eb in combination with the E crook, or D in combination with either of the Eb crooks.

Finally, there is an alternative, longer tuning slide that gives a pitch of A430 for the lower crooks (Eb downwards) without having to pull out the slide to the point where, with the shorter slide fully extended, note-stability would be compromised.


 This superb horn is the actual instrument played by

 PIP EASTOP on his wonderful 'Hyperion' recording

of the Mozart Concertos and Horn Quintet.


PRICE COMPARISON: a brand new 'Lorenz' hand

horn from Engelbert Schmid, with this specification

including the 14 crooks, extra slide and case, would

cost £10,650 GBP.

Our price for this unique 'piece of horn history' is



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SCHMID classical natural horn / hand horn