PAXMAN 'STUDENTI' Compensating double

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Model: ‘STUDENTI’  


Type: compensating double in Bb/F (i.e.

standing in Bb, so that a young player doesn't

have to press the 4th valve lever to play on the

Bb side)


Bore/throat: medium

Alloy:  unlacquered yellow brass.

Valve compression: very good

Cosmetic condition: good overall; however, 

the brass is rather tarnished in a few hard-to-reach

places,  but can be restored to a shine by brass

polish plus 30-45 minutes of moderately hard



Weight: 2.45 kg

Mouthpiece: silver plated,  good condition,

ultrasonically cleaned.


Further details: The Paxman 'Studenti'  is

1)  a recommendable 'beginner to intermediate'


2)  a definite  upgrade from a ‘mini' or ‘kinder horn’;

3)  an ‘improver’ instrument, up to about Grade 8, for a young player.


An interesting, useful 'technical bonus' is that the domes of the rotor caps incorporate small adjusting screws that allow for the inevitable up-and-down play of the valves, due to their usage over a period of time. A very small allen key is provided for this purpose.


The horn plays beautifully over the whole

range and is totally recommendable.


 There is a basic, well-used case with this horn, but

various inexpensive options of gig-bag, hard case or

back-pack case are available.



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PAXMAN 'STUDENTI' Compensating double