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Model: Paxman H45M



Type: Bb/A+/F alto


Alloy: lacquered yellow brass


Serial number: 5901C


Bell throat: Medium


Bell flare: detachable


 Weight: 2.5 kg


Water key: conventional type, on the leadpipe.

Visual / cosmetic: excellent, its lacquer in superb condition.

There is one very small 'ding' in the 'false' (non-acoustic)

pipe from the F alto change valve. This part of the tubing

contains no air-flow, serving only to support the left

hand 'hold'.


Rotor compression: excellent.


Mini-ball linkages.


Case: Marcus Bonna, in good condition.


Further details: A superb example of a


 Paxman H45M with a Medium bell flare.


This is Paxman's re-creation of the earlier 1970s-1990s

'Merewether' Model 40 design, in which the F-alto change

valve is contained 'within the circle' rather than outside it.

In the later design, the change valve forms part of the

upper final bell curve. This can be seen here:


Our current horn has had very light use, is in 'almost new'

condition, and plays beautifully. The slightly smaller-bore

tubing of the F-alto side seems to focus and concentrate

the sound in the high register, requiring less effort to

produce a clear, ringing timbre.


PRICE COMPARISON:  A brand-new H45M with


exactly this specification costs £11,180.



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