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Model: H-278 


Type: Full double in F/Bb


The original H-178 ‘Farkas Model’ was designed by Philip Farkas, legendary former principal horn of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. On many of the C.S.O. recordings Mr Farkas can be heard making a big, ‘complex’ sound; surprisingly, he was not playing a ‘large’ horn, but Holton's 'medium' model, the H-178 (the fixed-bell version of our current horn).


Here is Holton's own description:

It is a superb horn with a bright, compact feel, and a sound of outstanding tonal beauty. The ‘Medium-throated’ hand-hammered bell produces a medium-dark tone with fine legato characteristics. The yellow brass body produces a bright, pure tone colour with multiple overtones and great projection.”






Key: F/Bb, independent tuning of the Bb and F sides.


Pitch: A=A440-A443


Valve rotors: tapered hand-lapped brass.


Alloy: unlacquered yellow brass body, bell, leadpipe, branches and bows; nickel silver tuning slides and connecting ferrules.


Bell flare: detachable, medium-throated.


Water key: conventional type, on the leadpipe.


Weight: 2.67 kg


Case: Paxman, slimline, airline-friendly, with 

         back-pack straps and room for at least one


   This lovely horn, recently fully overhauled, is a natural upgrade professional-quality horn for a young/improving player who currently uses an Intermediate instrument such as a Holton 378 or Yamaha 567. 

NB: Potential buyers need to be aware that the horn is not lacquered; also, at 2.67 kg it is slightly heavier than many double horns.


 Its 'sub-£2K' price qualifies it for a parallel

listing in the 'Intermediate' category, although it is 

a professional horn.


NB: Price comparison: The current brand-new 'best


discount' price of the Holton H-278 is £5,628.


Our current used horn costs less than 28% of that.


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