ALEXANDER 107, gold brass

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Mainz,   Germany.

              Engraved: 'supplied by Paxman'

Model:  107

Type:  Full double descant in Bb/A+/ F alto

Serial number: 2338 (1980)

Bell throat size: Medium

Alloy: lacquered gold brass

Bell flare: detachable

Nickel silver detachable F extension; this can be seen in the 1st photo.

Water key: 'JoyKey' on the mouthpipe.

General : a very fine player with minimal tonal difference between the Bb and the F alto sides. This is exactly the horn you need for the Bach high cantatas in G or F, and many Haydn symphonies with horns in C alto or Bb alto.

Appearance, ‘cosmetics’:  generally excellent; there is no lacquer wear at all inside the bell flare; there is a very small area of scratches (only 1cm long, hardly noticeable) close to the mouthpiece receiver's tuning slide. Elsewhere, the lacquer is unblemished.


 Overall, there are no ‘acoustical’ or mechanical problems at all, and its 'Tryplen' valves are in very good shape, with excellent compression. This synthetic material makes the instrument lighter in weight than a horn with conventional brass rotors.

The horn plays superbly, with a ringing, focussed, compact sound.

Case:  original Alexander 'moc-croc case in excellent condition.


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ALEXANDER 107, gold brass