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    This excellent unlacquered yellow brass USA-made 

HOLTON H-378 medium-bore horn is almost  identical to

the  more expensive H-178 professional model.

      An 'almost iconic' long-tried-and-tested horn,

regarded by many teachers as the 'industry

standard intermediate horn', it is still in production, so

spare parts are always available.


   It is  an ideal choice for a young player upgrading from

'mini' or a compensator, since it plays with an

even, consistent response and a clear, ringing

sound over the whole range.  Also, weighing 2.55 kg, it is not

as heavy as some Intermediate full double horns. 

Its rotors were fully serviced recently and are 'smooth and silky'

under the fingers. It has a conventional-type water key on the



This lovely horn comes with a new silver plated mouthpiece and a

good case, quite heavy but protective.


NB: A very good lightweight 'Champion' backpack case can be

bought for about £80 from various retailers.

Price comparison: a brand new Holton H-378 currently

costs (best discount price)  £4,219. Our used horn, as

described above, costs less than 24% of that: £990.


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