HAWKES & Son hand horn conversion

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MODEL:  Class A 'Excelsior Sonorous', 


converted from a piston horn whose valves had


worn out beyond practical, affordable repair.


AGE:    1927-1928


         •  Silver plated F crook whose angle is rather acute.


        •  Silver plated Eb crook (not shown in the photo).

                  •  The internal taper of the horn's crook receiver is


compatible with old-style Paxman crooks and Webb-


Halstead crooks and/or couplers.


     A good, inexpensive converted hand horn suitable for learning

the basics of classical right hand technique. 


Its French-style bell throat allows for subtle, mellow stopping

as well as forceful, brazen sounds. 


As can be seen in the photo, the instrument is not very 'pretty'...!


What is seen represents at least 2 hours of hard work with

brass and silver polish. However, 'looks' are not too important


in this instance, since it plays very well!



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HAWKES & Son hand horn conversion