C. F. SCHMIDT, Weimar

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Maker: C.F. SCHMIDT, Weimar, Germany


Model: Full double with piston change valve, an alternative

piston valve and an alternative main tuning slide with

a manual rotary valve for hand stopping.



Mr Jonathan Ring of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, the


renowned Schmidt historian, reports that this horn is quite a late C.F.


Schmidt, built by Schmidt's successor Johannes Kirchberg sometime


post WWII, probably in the late 1940s or early 1950s.


Kirchberg, who began his apprenticeship with Schmidt in Weimar in


1890, was the final owner of C.F. Schmidt until his death in 1961.


             The horn is currently in F/Bb, but the alternative


              piston change valve gives Bb/F.


              Apart from a few very small dings in the bell flare,               

              the horn is in very good original condition,


              with excellent compression in all the valves. 


          Its playing is superb over the entire range, with


          great 'blowing freedom' on the F side,


          so that the Bb side can be reserved for the top               

          octave+, in traditional German style.



              It comes in its original Schmidt wooden case, 


               lined with green baize.




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C. F. SCHMIDT, Weimar