WEBB-HALSTEAD 4 COUPLERS with Bb alto crook

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A set of four WEBB-HALSTEAD


Bohemian natural horn couplers, numbered 1 to 4 


(smallest to largest), in excellent,  hardly-used condition.


Also included is a Bb alto crook by Webb-


Halstead (not shown in the photos).


The Bb alto crook in combination with coupler #1 gives A

(alto) and with coupler #3, G;  combined with coupler #2, Ab

alto is obtained.  

The receivers and tenons on the couplers fit all other Webb-

Halstead crooks, e.g. F and Eb (not provided with this set); they

are also compatible with Paxman's older crooks from the period

1982 to about 1998-1999.




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WEBB-HALSTEAD 4 COUPLERS with Bb alto crook