GERHARD SCHNEIDER/BOOSEY & HAWKES 'Master Model' based on the Alex 103 design

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Model: a generalised copy of a vintage Alexander

103, very similar to a Boosey & Hawkes

'Imperial',  made in the Hans Hoyer factory; 

'Gerhard Schneider' is a stencil

name only.  The bell throat is engraved  ‘sponsored

by Boosey & Hawkes, made in GDR’.


Type:  F / Bb full double


Bell throat profile: medium


Alloy: silver-plated brass


Water key: conventional type, on the leadpipe.


Case: original, in reasonable condition.



Further details: a good example of this robustly-made

Alexander 103 copy with a central / cylindrical bore of

11.9 mm, which is smaller than the current Alexander

bore of 12.1 mm.

 Its silver plate is in good general condition apart from

a worn area around the main bell stay and some

wear inside the bell flare.  


Although slightly on the heavy side, (2.62 kg) it has a more

compact shape than some modern 'Intermediate' horns

such as the Yamaha 567 or the Holton 378.

It has quite a comfortable left hand position (for me!)

although ideally, it would suit a player with large hands. 

Its owner recently informed me that the 4th (thumb) valve

has been re-seated, giving much improved compression

across all the rotors. 

   Very importantly, the horn plays with a good sonority over

the whole range, especially on the Bb side.




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GERHARD SCHNEIDER/BOOSEY & HAWKES 'Master Model' based on the Alex 103 design