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Model:  YHR 321


Type:  Bb/ A+ single


Bell throat profile: M (medium)

Internal Bore: 12 mm

Alloy: yellow brass, gold brass leadpipe, nickel silver tuning slide outer legs and rotor caps.

Bell flare: fixed

Valve compression: excellent

Lacquer:  rather scuffed and scratched in a few places.

Weight: 2.02 kg / 4 lb 7 oz

Mouthpiece: silver plated Yamaha 30C4

Case: Yamaha original hard case

Further details: 

  A very good example of this popular lightweight single Bb/A+ horn.

  It plays 'much better then it looks', very beautifully over the entire range. With a clear ‘medium-bright’ sound, and an excellent, well-slotted high register, this inexpensive lightweight horn is a a valid, attractive alternative to several well-known German single horns costing at least 4 or 5 times as much.


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