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Maker: PAXMAN 


Model: 21

Type: 5 valve full double, in




Serial no: 11724

Date of manufacture: 1972

Bell  flare: X or M

Alloy: unlacquered yellow brass

TWO Detachable bell flares: 'X', unlacquered, and

'M', lacquered, gold brass with a nickel silver garland.


An additional unlacquered yellow brass 'L'

flare can be supplied for an extra £250.


Valve compression: very good

Total weight: 2.5 kg, very light for a 5 valve horn; this is probably due to the hollow rotors.

Visual/cosmetic condition: generally good; some very slight dings in the X flare, and a few surface imperfections elsewhere are merely cosmetic issues having no effect on the horn’s very fine playing qualities.

Case: black Paxman fixed bell fibreglass.

Duck’s foot fitted.

Further details:although 47 years old, this

horn has been well-maintained, and is a

superb player in all registers.

 Its 5th valve is, of course, very useful, not

only for hand stopping without the

inconvenience of transposing, but also for

some very good (but unorthodox) alternative

high register fingerings.

Although I loved the 'X' bell when it was developed and launched in the 1970s, all players agreed that hand stopping was difficult, resulting in some sharpness of pitch unless a large right hand was available (!) to give very good sealing of the bell throat.

The Model 21's built-in advantage is that the 5th valve's tuning slides can be adjusted to correct this potential sharpness.



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