B & S 'SONORA' compensating double

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B & S is the maker of Meister Hans Hoyer horns,


so, in effect this 'Sonora' model is a Hoyer.



Although a little on the heavy side, (2.39 kg) its build-


quality is very good, as is its valve compression.


There is minimal lacquer wear, in a few places, and


several very small but non-invasive dings.


Its hard case is 'much used but absolutely OK',


however,  a good lightweight case can be supplied


for an extra £60.



This attractive horn has a medium-dark but ringing


tone quality, and an impressively even response over


the whole range.    Its F side is quite free-blowing


compared to some 'stuffier' horns.  It feels rather like


a Knopf or Kruspe! 


Generally, a good, inexpensive 4-valve compensator


that will take an 'improving' player up to Grade 8 and


even diploma standard.


Its 4th valve can be configured for F/Bb or Bb/F.



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B & S 'SONORA' compensating double