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   A very fine yellow brass full double horn, the YAMAHA Model YHR-668 embodies all the virtues of a 'medium-large' horn, plus additional security in the high register.


   The instrument, serial # 002508, is in very good overall condition.

  There are just a very few small areas of slightly blemished lacquer, and some barely visible evidence of expert removal of a few minor dings. Nevertheless, its overall condition indicates that it has been well looked after and maintained.


   In terms of its actual playing, the horn is outstanding, with a creamy, medium-dark sound, and lots of ‘projection’.


   One of my habitual quibbles with Yamaha horns is that their rotors are so air-tight that they can be very 'unforgiving' with the fingers, requiring ultra-precise co-ordination so as not to be 'knocked off' a pitch when slurring, even to adjacent pitches.

   However, this particular example has a much more kindly personality (!) and allows lovely, liquid slurs.


   Its mouthpipe is gold-brass, therefore resistant to internal corrosion.


   This lovely horn is very recommendable to a player looking for a reasonably priced, rich and full-sounding instrument with character, accuracy and personality.


 Its 'sub-£2K' price qualifies it for a parallel

listing in the 'Intermediate' category, although it is 

professional-quality horn.


 Its equivalent, current Yamaha, the YHR 668-II, costs £5,373 new. 


Our used horn, above, costs (£1,697) less than 32% of that.


Weight: 2.5 kg


Case: original Yamaha, in good if well-used condition.




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