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                 London and Paris



   This charming, delicate French piston horn, probably 100+ years old,  comes with F and Eb crooks, although the valve slides, fine for the F crook,  are too short to be pulled out far enough for use as a valve horn with the Eb crook.  Nevertheless this very good crook (like the F, with a fair number of dings, none of which seem to affect its playing) can be used effectively for hand horn practice.  NB: It does not have the 'roll' on its 12th harmonic (written G) that is traditionally found on an Eb crook.


 The optional shorter tuning slide for piston #2 would give the correct length for A/Bb crooks (neither of which are supplied).


 It comes with a beautiful Besson/Paris mouthpiece, its silver plate in good condition;

its comfortable rim, 4.5 mm wide, disproves the old 'chestnut' that traditional French mouthpieces always had narrow, sharp rims!



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