KNOPF/KRUSPE (attrib.) single F

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A very good, relatively inexpensive single F  

horn  with 3 rotary  valves and a 'medium'

bell throat.

  Although it is un-signed, I am 95% sure that it was made in the workshop of a 'Meister' horn maker, e.g. Knopf, Kruspe, etc, maybe by an apprentice.


   It plays very well, with a ringing sound and a clear high register.


The very long tuning slide legs allow the horn's pitch to be lowered to A 438 and even lower, A 435 with about 3cm-3.5cm 'pull' on the slide.


  This vintage horn, perhaps 100+ years old, could

conceivably be used for period instrument

 performance of the 19th century ‘Romantic’

 repertoire (e.g. Schumann, Brahms, Dvorak,

 Bruckner, Mahler, Strauss, etc).


  A few years ago I borrowed a more recent, 1950s, almost-identical Italian-made horn and played it in a performance of the Brahms German  Requiem’ in which the orchestra was required to play  ‘historically appropriate instruments’. 

 Admittedly, some of the horn players of Brahms’ time

may have  played  hand horns, but on the other hand

they may have used  German, Austrian or Bohemian

single F instruments with  rotary valves, broadly

 similar to our  current example described here.


 Even if never played in concert performance, this is

 an ideal, inexpensive horn for practice or warm-

up   purposes.  NB: currently it has very strong 

rotor springs; these could probably be adjusted in

a brass repair workshop.


There is no case with this horn, but various

inexpensive options of gig-bag or hard case are




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KNOPF/KRUSPE (attrib.) single F