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Maker: ALEXANDER, Mainz, Germany


Model: '107', converted from a 106 by the addition of a


5th valve, giving A/A+


Type: Full double descant in Bb/A+/F alto



Bell throat size: Medium


Alloy: lacquered gold brass


Bell flare: detachable


Lacquer: worn in the usual, expected places, and around

the area where the 5th valve has been added.



General: a very fine player with a clear, ‘ringing’ sound and minimal tonal difference between the Bb and the F alto side.

Unlike the 'official' 107, with its sliding mouthpiece receiver, this horn has a detachable, sliding leadpipe, which can easily be cleaned with a 'pull-through', and which serves as a tuning slide for the F alto horn.

The mouthpiece receiver is fixed, and has a conventional American/Morse taper, not a European taper.


Appearance, ‘cosmetics’: the most apt description I can give is that the instrument has 'seen some use'; however, it has been played only a handful of times in the past 3-4 years.

There are no ‘acoustical’ blemishes, and its valves are in very good shape, with excellent compression.


Case: compact, lightweight, with backpack straps.




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