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A very good Paxman ‘Series 2’


in F/Bb or Bb/F.



Regarded for many years by teachers and players to be the finest 'Intermediate' horn ever made, our current example has quite recently had a valve refurbishment (cleaning the rotors and tightening the bearings).

This robustly-built horn, its ‘Medium’ bell somewhat heavier than on some later examples, plays with a clean and focussed response in all registers, its high register in particular having a very reassuring 'slotted-in' quality.


Weighing 2.5 kg, the instrument is made of lacquered yellow-brass, although its old original lacquer is quite patchy, brown and worn in many places. There are a few cosmetic surface blemishes; however, these slight imperfections in no way detract from the instrument’s very fine playing qualities.


It comes in a fibreglass Paxman case in good condition.

A PHC cup and rim are included in the price.

I can enthusiastically recommend this excellent, competitively priced Paxman double horn, which 'plays much better than it looks'!

It is ideal for an ‘improving’ or upgrading player.


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