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PAXMAN compensating triple, 


 Model 83LT, in Bb/A+/ F / F alto



ALLOY: Lacquered gold brass


BELL size: L, detachable flare



Five titanium rotors and one brass rotor.



Three thumb levers: 1) F alto 2) F


3) A+ and E+




    This is the post-1985 layout of Paxman 'descant' compensating triple horn, as designed by the late, great Richard Merewether.


 Dick Merewether's first design for Paxman in the late 1950s and early 1960s incorporated a 'large' bell similar to a vintage Kruspe bell but with some of the 'corners' smoothed out.

The current Paxman 'L' bell still adheres to this concept.


  The Model 83, (serial number 4438T), uses an ingenious ‘dual bore’ system (actually meaning 'dual taper') where the Bb/F and F alto horns each have their own appropriate tapered sections for accurate response and intonation.

 The tubing size of the F alto horn is smaller than that of the Bb and F horns, giving a more compact and focussed response.


 Overall, the horn in very good condition apart from

some slight lacquer wear in the usual, expected


It was very recently serviced, including ultrasonic

cleaning and replacing the valve springs and




 A really superb and versatile horn, it plays beautifully over the entire range, with a clear, complex and ringing sound that is nevertheless flexible in its palette of potential tonal shadings (via skilful use of the right hand plus 'vowel vocalisation').


  The sheer ease of the top octave on the F alto side is quite astonishing; all the fingerings are exactly the same as on a regular Bb or low F horn.

NB: A is 1+2, Ab is 2+3.


  It is truly 'the horn that has everything you

will ever need’, especially if you are a high



 It weighs only 2.8 kg, hardly more than many


double horns, and comes in an older-style


Paxman fibreglass 'suitcase', with a shoulder





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