BAHNNER single F

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 A lovely French piston horn with a fixed leadpipe


rather than a detachable crook.




This very characterful horn in F was bought by its owner at a


brocante (outdoor flea market) in Brittany about 10 years ago.


Its age is estimated at about 40-50 years, and its serial number,


stamped on the bell, is 64553.


The maker's name is stamped (or possibly engraved) on the bell:


BAHNNER, or more accurately (and curiously!), B'A'HNNER.



The silver plate is in excellent condition and the valve tops are unworn. The tuning slides are all close-fitting; this seems to indicate that the instrument has had little use.


It plays with a centered, 'traditional' French sound, making works such as 'Villanelle' by Dukas a delight to play.


The horn's case is made of wood, with a covering of black oilcloth.

A rather small mouthpiece with a small bore is included in the sale.


NB: The horn is currently with its owner in Shrewsbury, UK.

Contact details can be provided on request.


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BAHNNER single F