WAGNER TUBA by Wessex Tubas

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Type:  Compensating F/B double


Alloy: lacquered yellow brass.


Bell flare: fixed


Cosmetic / visual condition: very good indeed.


Water key: conventional type, on the main tuning slide.


Valve compression: very good.


Case: original semi-flexible fibreglass case in good condition.


Further details: A surprisingly good Wagner tuba with excellent

 response and intonation, with none of the ‘stuffiness’ that is

often  encountered in the low register of the traditional single F

bass tuba with an almost useless C basso extension.  


   This instrument is ‘living proof’ that good-quality brass

instruments can indeed be sourced in China!



The Wagner tuba is housed with its owner in Barkway,


Hertfordshire, UK.


Contact details can be provided on request.



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WAGNER TUBA by Wessex Tubas