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An inexpensive 'entry-level' hand horn for those players who wish to develop basic hand technique without paying several thousands of pounds for a high-end instrument such as a Clark, Jungwirth, Schmid or Seraphinoff, or an intermediate horn such as a Jiracek. 

   I always used to recommend the John Webb 'Bohemian' or 'French' models as a matter of course; however, new Webb horns are no longer available, owing to the sad death of their maker Mr Webb in 2014. Consequently, 2nd-hand examples are rare, commanding high prices. If you simply don’t have that kind of money, this very attractive lacquered yellow-brass generalised French reproduction hand horn is ideal as a beginner, entry-level instrument.

   To be really accurate in its description, I can say that it is not a 'professional-quality' horn; a similar example is a modern 'sub £1K' valve horn, which is usually an entry-level horn only, suitable for a beginner or a young player aiming at e.g. Grades 5-8.

  The GBMS horn has a very narrow bell throat, hence small movements of the right hand have a big effect on the pitch. Its mid-section cylindrical bore (inner diameter of the tubing) is, authentically, 11mm.

  The basic outfit includes four crooks, F, E, E flat and D, playing at pitches between A 440 and A 435. Furthermore, optional crooks for A and G are available for £45 each, as is a single-coil coupler for £35 to lower the D crook to C basso.  This versatile coupler can be used in combination with the F and E crooks to give useful alternatives for Eb and D. 

The horn is supplied in a large padded case with detachable pockets for all the crooks.

This is the ultimate 'hand horn bargain'.


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