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Model:  107


Type:  Full double descant in Bb/A+/F alto

Bell throat size: Medium

Serial number: 3914

Alloy: an interesting combination of yellow brass and gold brass (!) 

Bell flare: Fixed

Water key:  1) conventional type on the Bb leadpipe.

                   2) Amado/Getzen on the F alto leadpipe

Weight:  2.45 kg

Duck's foot.

Distance from finger hook to F alto thumb plate: 9.5 cm


Appearance, ‘cosmetics’:   generally quite good condition;  there are a few superficial dings, mostly on the bell flare, and its lacquer is worn or scratched in only the usual, expected places and where remedial work has been done.  Overall, there are no ‘acoustical’ or playing problems, and its rotors are in good shape, with excellent compression.

General comments: a fine player with a clear, ‘ringing’ sound and minimal tonal difference between the Bb and the F alto sides. This is exactly the horn you need for those Bach high cantatas in F or G, and many Haydn symphonies with horns in G, A, C alto or Bb alto!


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