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A lovely Alexander 103 from the early 1930s.

  Played for many years by the legendary PATRICK STREVENS


(London Philharmonic Orchestra, Royal Opera House, Covent


Garden and Philharmonia Orchestra), this excellent


unlacquered yellow brass horn has all the expected 'Alexander


virtues' and plays very well over the entire range, with a warm,


lyrical sound. 


The valve compression is very good, the rotors having been


plated fairly recently.

Cosmetically and structurally, there are several patches, very


skilfully done. These strengthen the brass in vulnerable places.


The original owner of the horn was Francis Bradley, son of


Adolph Borsdorf (b.1854), one of the founders of the LSO in


1904. This horn could well be one of the very first Alexander


horns brought to London, soon after Sir Thomas Beecham


founded the LPO in 1932, insisting that the horn section should


use German double horns rather than the rather unreliable


piston 'French' horns in F in general use at that time.


When I was at music college in the 1960s I had a similar Alex


103, not quite as old and distinguished as this one;


unfortunately it lacked a good 'high Bb'... how I wish I


had had this horn then, with its clear and 'slotted' Bb!


   An excellent, lightweight example of an


Alexander 103 (2.22 kg) from about 90 years


ago, it has been maintained in good


condition and quite recently overhauled.


It is very reasonably priced, in view of its age,


history, condition, and its fine playing





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