RENOWN, Anborg model with manual stopping valve

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An  excellent, sturdily-built Italian-made F/Bb compensator, the predecessor of the more recent 'Anborg'.

The 'RENOWN' imported by 'Dallas, London' , made of unlacquered yellow brass, serial number 49992, has a slightly larger central bore than the modern Anborg compensator, making it more free-blowing, especially on the F side where the latter model can be quite resistant to the airstream.

 NB: Its thumb/4th 'change' valve lever, not ideally placed compared to more expensive horns, may not be reachable by players with small hands.

The horn makes a full, resonant sound and there are no 'bad notes'.  It plays very fluently, with a fine, ‘slotted’ high register.   It also has a custom-made ‘5th valve’, a manual rotary valve on the main tuning slide, giving a ‘stopping extension’ so that stopped passages can be played without the need to transpose a semitone lower.  It comes with a 2nd hand nickel silver Paxman 3C mouthpiece included in the price. Old pre-decimal UK sixpences have been added as extensions to the 3 finger plates.

         As a teenage schoolboy I achieved 'ABRSM Grade 8'   on exactly such a horn (but without the extra valve) that I bought in 1962 from  Manchester's leading music shop, 'Forsyths', brand-new, for £49.00 (!).

Our current horn comes with its original hard case, in ‘much used but still functional’  condition. 


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RENOWN, Anborg model with manual stopping valve