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Model: ‘Studenti’ 


Type: Compensating double in F/B flat

Bore/Throat: medium

Alloy: unlacquered yellow brass

Valve compression: excellent

Visual / cosmetic condition: good, but tarnished in some of the 'difficult to reach' places.

Lightweight case with back-pack straps.

Further details: one of the more recent ‘Studenti’ horns, in good overall condition; a recommendable ‘starter’/ beginner instrument, or an upgrade from a ‘mini horn’/ ‘kinder horn’;  an ‘improver’ horn for e.g. a young Grade 4-5 player up to about Grades 6-7 or even Grade 8.

The potential ‘up and down play’ of the rotors (which inevitably happens when they become slightly worn,) can be carefully adjusted via screws inset in the rotor caps, using a very small screwdriver.

The horn plays beautifully over the whole range and is a very good example of its type.


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