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Maker: PAXMAN 


Model: ‘STUDENTI’  


Type: compensating double in F/Bb


Serial number: CA911


Bore/throat: medium


Alloy:  unlacquered yellow brass.


Cosmetic condition: excellent


Weight: 2.45 kg


Case: Paxman 'Jacob Winter', internally padded,


very protective, with backpack straps.


Further details: The Paxman 'Studenti'  is


1)  a recommendable 'beginner to intermediate'




2) a definite  upgrade from a ‘mini' or ‘kinder horn’;


3)  an ‘improver’ instrument for a young player, up to about

Grade 8.


This 'iconic' horn plays beautifully over the

whole range.


A welcome 'maintenance bonus' is that

its rotor caps are provided with inset screws that can

be adjusted to compensate for any up-

and-down play.


The 'Paxman Studenti' is always


recommended by teachers.


I am selling the horn on behalf of Gerry Birch Music


Services, in whose workshop it was fully


overhauled and serviced very recently.



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accepting no responsibility as a principal.




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