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F/Bb compensating double or ‘half double’ 

Place of manufacture: Graslitz, (now in the Czech Republic). Anton Konrad Hüttl’s brass making  company was founded in 1877.  In 1913 he advertised that his factory was the largest and most modern in Austria-Hungary and Germany. In 1945, the company was nationalized, and, (inexplicably), was relocated in South Wales, UK.

Bore / Throat size: medium

Alloy: unlacquered yellow brass

Central/ cylindrical bore: 11.9mm

Bell flare: fixed

Weight: 2.6 kg/5lb 12 oz

Case: hard fixed-bell case in good condition.

Further details: this is a very rare horn, similar to the better-known, ingeniously designed Lidl compensator, with its centrally placed horizontal 4th valve rotor and its rather 'visually bewildering' cluster of tuning slides.

 It comes as something of a surprise to discover that this model dates back to the late 1940s and was in fact preceded by an almost identical design, based on this ‘Walzen’ or ‘Barrel’ horizontal valve, patented in 1925 by the renowned Hamburg horn maker Carl Lehmann, supplier of horns to George Szell and the Scottish National Orchestra in the late 1930s.

This current Hüttl horn is in generally very good shape in its actual playing qualities; ‘cosmetically’ there are just a few small blemishes. 

It plays in a surprisingly free-blowing way on both the Bb and the F sides. Its high register is very good indeed, and it makes a warm, rounded sound with the potential for tonal variations and shadings. 


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