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'Maker': ANBORG


Type:  F/Bb compensating double

'Anborg' is a 'stencil' name; the horn was

probably made in Italy by Kalison, Orsi or

Rampone & Cazzani.  


 Similar fictitious maker's names often found on this

model include: Alliance, Buisson, Getzen, John Grey

and Viking; there may be others.


 The general design of this model of

compensating double horn, dating back to at least

65 years ago, incorporates a 4th / 'change' F-Bb

valve that is notorious in its lever's rather

inconvenient placing for 'small to medium'

sized hands.  However, there are some occasional

exceptions to this flaw.



Bore / Throat: medium

Alloy:  lacquered yellow-brass

Bell flare:  fixed

Lacquer: 95% OK 

Valve compression: good

Visual / cosmetic condition: good all round. The horn ‘has seen some use’ (a few very small surface dings) but generally it is in ‘good but not outstanding' condition. This is reflected in the inexpensive price.

Weight: 2.45 kg

Case: used 'Gator', lightweight with shoulder strap, in 'almost new' condition.

Further details: A good beginner instrument; a logical upgrade from a ‘mini' / ‘kinder horn’; an ‘improver’ horn for the more advanced young player up to about Grades 6-7.  

This rather compact but technically full-size horn plays with a sweet and centred tone. Its 4th / thumb valve, although not ideally placed for a small hand, is more comfortable than on some older Anborgs of this model.  This can be seen in the 2nd photo.

The F horn’s ‘freedom of blow’ is slightly tighter than that of e.g. a Paxman 'Studenti', but its Bb side is open, clear and ringing.

NB: the horn is currently housed with its owner in Cambridgeshire CB24. Contact information can be provided on request.


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