ALEXANDER 107 with a wonderful pedigree

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A superb  Alexander 107


full double descant horn


(Bb/A+/F-alto) in excellent 




This fine lacquered horn, with its original detachable bell-flare plus a spare flare from an Alex 103, has the well-known Alex ringing and compact 'built-in' sound, a superb high register, and a degree of tonal flexibility that is not often found in this model.

Its valve compression is excellent, and it displays an evenness of response over the entire range.


The Model 107 rarely turns up as a 2nd-hand instrument; this one has had superb professional use by the former Principal horn of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; it seems to have 'notched up' so many performances of Mahler's 5th Symphony that it might be able to play the obbligato from memory!


 It comes with the original 'suitcase', an Alexander brass mute and a compact gig-bag; both cases bear RPO stickers and name labels.


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ALEXANDER 107 with a wonderful pedigree