HANS HOYER Model 3700: 80% size single F

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       As a horn teacher with 60 years experience, I always recommend a beginner player (whether young or adult) to start on a single F horn, for reasons of :


  1.  Sound: a good F horn will give the true, traditional, mellow, ringing tone, rich in complex harmonics, far removed from the rather trombone-like sound of many small single Bb horns whose only virtue is lightness of weight.


  2.  Modest cost (compared to a beginner double or compensator.)


  Here is an ideal opportunity to acquire a fine German-made F horn by an historic maker from the Markneukirchen area of Germany.


 From the Hoyer web site:


     "The Meister Hans Hoyer Student models are made with a smaller wrap and slightly smaller hand-made bell, designed to accommodate the young student, yet deliver the sound of a full-fledged orchestral instrument. The ease of both response and manoeuverability allow the smaller students to achieve success more rapidly, and therefore experience greater enjoyment playing the horn. The adjustable finger hook and the adjustable hand rest are standard and allow best ergonomics for every sized hand."


    Its owner writes:

"The horn is in good overall condition, with some small scratches and some lacquer missing from the inside of the bell (see photos).  It comes with the original sturdy case, in excellent condition,  and a mouthpiece."



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HANS HOYER Model 3700: 80% size single F