KRUSPE/KNOPF (attrib.) single F with 2 detachable shanks

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Another very good, relatively

inexpensive single F horn with 3 rotary  valves

and a 'medium-large' bell throat.

Although it is un-signed and un-stamped, I am 95% sure that it was made in the workshop of a German 'Meister' horn maker, e.g. Knopf, Kruspe, etc, possibly by an apprentice.


    It is nicely free-blowing, with a very clear high register, and, weighing only 1.6 kg, is much lighter in weight than this approximately similar horn:

  It comes in a much-used but still functional hard case, and with 2 slightly different detachable 'F shanks', both of them modern reproduction / replacements, since the original is presumed lost. Only the longer one (longer by approx 1 cm) is shown in the photos.

Using this shank, the main slide can be pulled out far enough to give a pitch of A 435.


   This vintage horn, probably 100+ years old, could

be used for period instrument  performance of the

19th century Romantic’  repertoire (e.g. Schumann,

Brahms, Dvorak,  Bruckner, Mahler, Strauss, etc).

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KRUSPE/KNOPF (attrib.) single F with 2 detachable shanks