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Maker:  JINBAO

Type: F/Bb compensating double Wagner Tuba, 7 years old.

Alloy: lacquered yellow brass with a gold brass leadpipe.  The angle of the pipe has been adjusted to give a more comfortable playing position.

Bell diameter: 10 inches

Tubing bore: 0.468 inches

In very good condition, this is an excellent Wagner tuba which is perfectly capable of playing any part, high or low, in a quartet, since it has the full range of an equivalent compensating double horn.

 It comes with an additional, removable, specially-made short mouthpiece extension that gives a small degree of extra resistance and flattens the pitch very slightly.

The instrument is complete with its original fibreglass hard  case, in good condition. A ‘Tom and Will’ gig bag is available as an optional extra for £60.

NB: The Wagner tuba is currently housed with its owner in Sutton, Surrey, UK. Contact information can be provided on request.


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