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Maker: PAXMAN 

Model: 21L

Type: 5 valves, in F/Bb/A(+)/E(+)

Date of manufacture: 1977

Bell throat profile: ‘L’

Bell diameter: 12 inches

Bore of valve tubing: 12 mm

Alloy: lacquered* yellow brass (* see note below)

Bell flare: detachable; weight 0.322kg/11.4 ounces, very light.

Valve compression: very good

Total weight: 2.69kg / 5lb 15oz

Visual/cosmetic condition: generally quite good; a few slight dings in the flare and surface imperfections elsewhere are merely cosmetic issues having no effect on the horn’s very fine playing qualities. There is an expertly-made nickel silver patch protecting the final part of the bell ‘tail’, which can be seen at about  ‘2 o’clock to 4 o’clock’ in the 2nd photo.

The horn is fitted with a duck’s foot, and comes with an Alexander 8 mouthpiece, its silver plate in good condition.

Unfortunately there is a fair amount of lacquer wear and tear.

*During the late 1970s, the lacquering company used by Paxman was not ‘at its best’, and this is one of several lacquered horns I have seen from this era whose lacquer colour has darkened with age.  I initially thought that the instrument was gold brass, but now that the lacquer is stripped from the flare, it is clearly yellow brass. If this were my own horn I would have the shabby remaining lacquer professionally stripped.*

Case: very good, protective 2nd hand fibreglass case for detachable bell horn, with detachable shoulder strap. 

Further details: The predecessor of the popular current Model 21, although 40 years old, this horn has been well-maintained mechanically, and is a superb player in all registers.  Its 5th valve is, of course, very useful not only for hand stopping without transposition, but also for some very good (but unorthodox) alternative high register fingerings.

 Being manufactured in January 1977, it is possibly one of the last horns with a bell made on the old ‘L’ mandrel, so, slightly narrower in the throat than the current ‘L’ bell.

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