ALEXANDER Model 90-II with superb 'pedigree'

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A lovely gold brass Alexander Model 90-II with a fixed bell flare. 

  This superb unlacquered horn, dating from the 1960s, plays with a concentrated, warm and velvety sound, a big dynamic range, a wide tonal palette and an impressive fluency over its entire compass.  There are some minor cosmetic dings and blemishes, but nothing that affects the horn’s excellent playing qualities.

It has an excellent and somewhat ‘awesome’ pedigree (!) originating from the late Alan Civil’s collection when this horn was purchased by Stephen Stirling, soloist and Principal of the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, who played it for several years before it arrived with its present owner.

I have always preferred this 90-II model to the alternative and ubiquitous 90-I, as I have a theory that the 90-ll's shorter leadpipe with its quicker expansion of the precious taper gives a more immediate response and a more clearly defined high register.

NB Available as an optional extra : a detachable yellow brass Alexander F extension with a manual rotary ‘tap’ to switch between the F extension and A/A+.   Although in theory the F extension gives ‘true and accurate’ intonation to only its open F notes, with some practice and experimentation with lower alternative fingerings, plus some ‘lipping’, it is actually possible to cover all the pedal notes of the F horn, but perhaps not in low register passages requiring some speedy agility. Price: £225.00

The horn comes in a Yamaha hard case in excellent condition.

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ALEXANDER Model 90-II with superb 'pedigree'