MARTIN Fils Aine Toulouse, original late 19th century hand horn with 8 crooks

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'MARTIN Fils Ainé' 


was a renowned musical instrument


retailer in Toulouse, rather than a


specialist horn maker as such.


  So, there is a strong probability that this very

good, free-blowing hand horn, with

several Germanic (rather than French)

features, is a 'stencil' instrument; meaning

that it may have been made by a horn maker

in the Toulouse area, then stamped / engraved

with Martin's name (see photo #2).

Geographically, the nearest brass workshop

was that of GAUTIER.


The set of matching crooks lacks a Bb

alto crook and a Bb basso coupler; however,

hand-made modern copies could be made to

order, if required.


The inside of the bell flare is painted matt


There are several expertly-made patches on

the horn body, and its tuning slide has been

repaired and lengthened.  The slide is long

enough to enable playing at A430 pitch when

extended, but the horn's basic, default pitch is



The crooks are: A, Ab, G, F, E, Eb,

D and C basso. Strangely, the C basso crook is

more free-blowing than the D crook.



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MARTIN Fils Aine Toulouse, original late 19th century hand horn with 8 crooks